Everyone has the hope to win.

Here we will tell you what happens if you won.

After the draw under the contracts with each numbers drawn automatically loaded into the system. Along with this information arrives and payout information on species / threes, fours, etc. / and what is the amount for each category win.

Our system automatically processes this information and displays it on the page.

Whether you know the required number of numbers, our system sends you a letter that your e-mail. In this letter, you see the numbers drawn, the numbers that you've played and known by you numbers that are in bold.

In case you've known enough numbers to enter the group winners, the right of the winning combination you will see the inscription: Congratulations and type of your profit, such as Match Match 3 or 4. Below is a link in the letter, which leads you to the section of the site, indicating profits. There you will see how much you earned.

To have the amount you have to enter the site with your name and password to visit the section ACCOUNT BALANCE.

There by from the lottery that you won will see charged amount you earned. until it has a button: CLAIM WINNINGS Click this button and before you open a page that gives you four options:

1. Convert to vouchers This option allows you with all or part of earned money you can buy vouchers, which is your profit. Just write how you want the voucher, they can not be more than carers for the amount that you earned.

2. Replenish funds This option allows you to transfer the amount won or part of your deposit fund, and the next game to pay from this fund.

3. Cash withdrawal This option allows you to transfer the amount won or part of it in your bank account. If you choose this option, you must first select the state in which your account, then select the type of transfer, then follow the instructions.

4. Donate to charity This option allows you to transfer the amount won or part of it in charity. Ie To make a donation to charity.

Congratulations to the winners!

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