El Gordo lotto

El Gordo a beautiful place and tourist attraction in Spain and hosts one of the largest and most exciting lotteries in the world.
This is the traditional Christmas lotto. This Christmas more than 95% of Spanish citizens play, many of them go on a trip to El Gordo to watch the draw and the festivities live. When buying tickets for El Gordo average Spaniard spends about 80 euros. This is a tradition for local people.
You will find below some of the key elements that constitute the characteristics of the famous El Gordo lottery:
· has over 13,000 paid rewards.
· Spanish government controls it.
· Probability of winning is 1 of 6.
· Winnings are tax-exempt for all residents of Spain.
· Of all the funds raised is El Gordo 70% will be awarded as prizes back.
El Gordo Draw existed since December 1812 has always been considered the Christmas lottery and works equally well from there. It is quite different know. Traditionally, the draws will be drawn in the hall of Lotere a Nacional in Madrid, which housed orphans of the Spanish officials. Children from San Ildefonso school take part in the draw of winning numbers.
The announcement of the results of El Gordo is a spectacular event, which shows live from almost all TV channels in Spain. The show can last over 3 hours. During this time, except winning numbers are drawn and
numbers over 5000 tickets that earn modest € 1,000.
Tradition is all Spanish players who do not earn to say that this is for luck and health and they all pledged to play again. Until recently, sweepstakes was available only to residents of Spain, but
the development of the Internet every inhabitant of the planet can now place your ticket and if there lucky to be next lotto millionaire.
And do not forget that luck visitant only those who have placed their ticket.

With new technologies it's so easy!
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