French Loto

French loto was created already in 1936 established by the French government to raise funds French Lottery has come a long way still suffer very transformations. In its present form has existed since the French beginning in 1993 when the company was founded Francaise des Jeux Groupe, which manages the lottery. However, the French government holds 72% of the lottery.
This lotto is so popular in France, that 36% of French people regularly participate in the draws.

Jackpot in this Sweepstakes starts from two million euro, Circulations are weighed three times weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Rules of the game are such that if the jackpot is not fall for the next edition is increased by 1 million euro. So sometimes the jackpot reaches pretty impressive amount.

Rules require that lottery to select 5 numbers from 49 and a lucky number from 1 to 10. Knowledge of all numbers wins the jackpot.
Besides this lottery jackpot offers 5 more to lower levels of profit as interesting is that even known only lucky number won a consolation prize.

It remains to wish you luck in this French brand game.

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