How does PAY


The game of any lottery lottery consists of two essential parts.

Choice of numbers and pay.

Here we will examine methods of payment and security.

Once you have registered and activated your account through the activation link and you're logged into your account using your e-mail and password you can play.

It is important to know that each transaction is encrypted with 128 bit code provides SRC Security Consulting http://www.src-gmbh.de/en/index.html - German company leader in the fields of banking transactions. All this guarantees the security of payment and give guarantees that they will not leak information about your card.

This form of encoding of information is one of the most secure payment systems on the Internet and use e-banking for many banks.

In principle there are three ways to pay:

  1. After you select the numbers you want to play in one or more lotteries lotteries and click "CONTINUE" / CONTINUE / system asks you to enter your credit card. On the screen you see how much they should pay, choose your type of credit card data and then fill pressing the button "COMPLETE PURCHASE" ie completion of the purchase. Within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail with your transaction number and the numbers that play.
  2. The second method of payment is to make a deposit. From the menu on the right select "ACCOUNT BALANCE" ie your account. Inside there are two interesting things, one is free information about vouchers, which you / if you / others and what is the balance of your deposit account. To add money to your deposit must press the "DEPOSIT FUNDS" Deposit Fund. Open a window in which to write the amount you want to deposit a minimum of 10 euro / and then follow the procedure again with the credit card described in item 1. Immediately after completion of the transaction will get a message to e-mail you with the number and amount of the transaction. At any time you can keep track of their transactions from the menu on the right - "TRANSACTION HISTORY". The accumulated deposit, you can use to play, but also it gives you under certain conditions to participate in various raffles.
  3. The third way is to fill your deposit using the button "Money bookers", which is located directly below the button "DEPOSIT FUNDS". Fill the amount you want to deposit, indicate that you accept the terms and click PURCHASE. "Money bookers" is a payment system combining three types of payment - E-Pay; credit card and bank transfer. Follow the instructions. Note that this system is slightly slower, the money will not arrive immediately, ie you can not play now, and there may be costs of the transfer of money to have your own expense. However, this system is useful for those of you who do not have a credit card or are afraid to use the Internet.
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