To play online lotto in global circulation is quite simple.

The first and necessary condition is to SIGN UP!
Registration is very short, Enter:

name and surname,

date of birth,


home and office phone / you can fill and only one number / instance in your service box "home" and "work" / Yes, because our practice is to notify each winner by phone over the amount of 250 euros / 500 EUR / c th Circulations


Repeat your e-mail

Fill in your password

Confirm your password

Indicate whether you wish to receive confirmation of your every action that you e-mail. / IS RECOMMENDED /

Indicate whether you wish to receive SMS confirmation for your every action that your phone

By pressing the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button you have already registered and you can play lottery online.


Click "PLAY NOW" - "PLAY NOW". Window opens with the main 5 th games.

Click on any of the games open th e sheet.

Each of the games with different rules, which will examine below.

On the right are the numbers of the game, which you must make your choice. Top left, under the name of the game you can select any lottery drawing to play with selected numbers.

Down the left you can quickly select a form of game with one, three or five randomly filled columns, and to select the most outgoing numbers. Meaning is the same as if you buy th completed sheet.

C button right below you at any time to clear th sheet and fill it again.

After properly completing th sheet bottom right appears 2nd button "+ PLAY NUMBERS". By pressing it you acknowledge that you have chosen the numbers and they appear at the bottom. Now again have the opportunity to play with new numbers or to select "CONTINUE" - "Continue".

After clicking on this button opens a window where you see your selected numbers and the amount you must pay for a lottery game. This amount is taken from your deposit. / How to create a deposit will discuss below /

Your next step is checking that you have read and accepted general conditions.

Then by pressing "COMPLETE PURCHASE" - "COMPLETION buy" you end your game. Of that by e-mail you will receive confirmation that your play is accepted, you play with numbers and date of issue. Remains the only hope for the best and you may have a new lottery millionaire.

How to create DEPOSIT

You must pay sheet that run. This can happen in two ways: - by direct deposit through translation.

The direct translation is an intermediate step between the confirmation of your selected numbers and the completion of the lottery game. In this case the system will ask you to pay the amount through your credit card. For this purpose, the payment window opens in which you choose the type of credit card and confirm the amount. In th next game will again have to pay the same way.

For this deposit is an amount deposited by you to the exhaustion of which you can play.

To create a deposit, select "ACCOUNT BALANCE" on the menu at right. Then press the "DEPOSIT FUNDS". Again opens the window for payment, but this time you are able to choose how much they will make your deposit. Minimum is 10 euros. Should again fill the data on your credit card with which payment is completed.

Now available is the entire amount deposited by you and you choose when and which game to participate. In each of your participation in the "Payment" system will notify you how much they will take your deposit and up so exhausted.


In this case your profit will be charged to your Fund. You have two options. If the amount is small you can leave it on deposit and continue to play with her.

If the profit is greater, you can transfer all or part of it for your lottery account.

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