Brazilian MegaSena

Mega Sena is the most popular game in Brazil. Organized by bank Caixa Econômica Federal
Circulations are Wednesday and Saturday. Played on the knowledge of 6 numbers from 60. Interestingly in this lottery is that the numbers are drawn from two areas - one with numbers from 0 to 5, the other from 0 to 9. Thus pairs of numbers drawn in order to obtain two-digit number. It may be the type -02 ... 01 In case you fall in both areas the number 0 is assumed that this number is 60.
Probability of winning the jackpot is 1 in 50,063,860.
The prize fund is formed from 46% of the proceeds of each draw. They are distributed as follows:
35% goes to guess 6 numbers.
19% goes to guess 5 numbers.
19% goes to guess 4 numbers.
22% accumulated by Special Drawing Rights, which is drawn every 5 times.
5% are accumulated for special drawing rights at the end of the year.
Income Tax deducted 13.8% of all previous positions. The net value of awards is actually 32.2% of lottery profits.
The winners can get your winnings within 90 days.
Lotto winnings less than $ 800 be paid immediately, while those over $ 800 must be requested from the bank organizer.
Unclaimed winnings are transferred to the Brazilian government, which uses them for educational programs.
The remaining 54 percent is used for costs of organizing and surplus is also used for social programs.

Good luck in the game of Mega Sena

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