OZ Lotto


Oz Lotto is one of the national lotteries in Australia. Circulation is drawn once a week on Tuesday evening Australian time.

Interestingly in this lottery is that it is played with 7 numbers from 45, 2 extra, and this makes the game with the best chance of winning. In this game the chance of winning the jackpot, which starts from 2 million Australian dollars is 1 to 45,379,620 while the other is considerably larger. Furthermore, the game provides the chance for profits in a fairly large range of combinations - 7 levels of profit.

Oz Lotto currently holds the Australian for the largest jackpot won 90 million U.S. dollars earned by one of two players from Queensland and the other from southern Australia.

And finally for this lottery is significantly cheaper than others, and perhaps gives the best compromise between price and profit opportunities.


ДЖАКПОТ 7 1 от 45,379,620
6 + 1 6 + допълнително число 1 от 3,241,401
6 6 1 от 180,078
5 + 1 5 + допълнително число 1 от 29,602
5 5 1 от 3,430
4 4 1 от 154
3 + 1 3 + допълнително число 1 от 87



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