To play toto lottery online sweepstakes at global circulation lotto is quite simple.

The first and necessary condition is to sign up! REGISTRATION
Registration is very short, Enter:

name and surname,

date of birth,


home and office phone / you can fill the same number / instance in your service box "home" and "work" / Yes, because our practice is to notify each winner by phone over the amount of 250 euros / 500 EUR / c th Circulations


Repeat your e-mail

Fill in your password

Confirm your password

Indicate whether you wish to receive confirmation of your every action that you e-mail. / IS RECOMMENDED /

Indicate whether you wish to receive SMS confirmation for your every action that your phone

By pressing the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button you have already registered and you can play lottery online.

After registration you will receive the activation link in your e-mail.

Log in to your e-mail and click the registration link. With this you will confirm istinnosta of entries and will activate vashara registration. Then you can play!

We wish you luck in HUGE WORLD Toto Lottery!


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