One of the biggest sweepstakes in Italy is SuperEna, which can be regarded as Italy's answer to the very popular lotteries in the United States. Creator Enalotto which is half a century meat organize lotteries, with the creation in 1996 of the Italian super lottery makes it one of the most attractive - with the circulation of many weeks and comparable only with jackpot in U.S.

Circulation of SuperEna will be drawn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Players choose six numbers from 1 to 90.

Unlike many other Superena system has a special selection of numbers and these are the six winning numbers in the SuperEna played in six Italian cities. In alphabetical order are: Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome.

There are some very significant victories in the history of SuperEnal. In April 1998 a syndicate of 100 players - in fact it is a whole village - won the 32.7 million who divided between them.

In August 2003 an individual player has won slightly more than twice that amount when they took 65.9 million.

Then in May 2005 a group of ten players SuperEnal 72 million won.

The record for largest profit fell in Friday, August 22nd, 2009, when a single ticket in Tuscany Bagnone took incredible amount of 143.9 million. The amount of the jackpot is due to the long series of printings no one has known and 6te numbers as the last jackpot was paid on January 31, 2009.

The winner, won this huge amount today will remain anonymous.

This amount is declared the largest jackpot paid in Europe

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