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2011-03-31 9th-sized lottery jackpot in world history fell with a ticket purchased on Friday in
New York. Spokeswoman MegaMillions Carolyn Hapeman announced that net worth,
which the lucky man will get  is $ 202,900,000
This week was won and one of the biggest jackpots in the pan european Euromillions. Two lucky winners shared by  69,105,267 euro

2011-01-05 Today one ticket won 355 million dollars. Slip is placed in Minnesota. This is the third largest gain in the history of Mega Millions.



Mega Millions Winners Only Take Second As Jackpot Climbs To 145 Million

Despite showing 6 second place winners, the Mega Millions continues to climb as no one in Friday night’s drawing matched all six numbers. The large US multi-state lottery which started some 38 years ago, now shows an estimated jackpot of $145M, with a $91.8M cash option for next Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing.

December 17th numbers were 11-20-26-46-53. The Mega Ball number was 12 and the Mega plier was 4. The second place winners will take home an estimated $250,000. Second place winners are from Kansas, Massachusetts, New York and Washington. Two placed second in New Jersey.

Lottery sales have been lagging since the recession started two years ago. Smaller jackpots generated less interest in the lottery, even as some states, like Colorado, joined the lottery drawing. Recent Michigan drawings, held on October 29 and November 6 yielded the state’s first Powerball winner as well as Mega Millions Jackpot winner, which total $269.6 million.

2010-12-12 - US MEGAMILLIONS gives to You the chance to win the huge amount of 104 millions US $ !!!  One of the biggest jackpots is coming for You this week.

2010-09-23 Euromillions superdraw  100 000 000 EURO - 1 OCTOBER 2010 !!!

2010-07-28 Lotto Superena reach 100 million euros!

2010-07-01 From today you can play Australian lotteries: OZ Lotto and OZ Superbowl. As in other large states lottery jackpot in the millions of dollars, but the price is lower.

201-04-22 252 million dollars earned in the Powerball! Poor worker has won them a single sheet says that the money will be spent on his three children.

In the wake of one of the world's most devastating natural disasters in Haiti last month, Chile has experienced a similar horrific earthquake. The death toll on this occasion, is far smaller, due to the fact that the epicenter of the quake was not located in a heavily populated area

2010-02-18 lucky winners 40 "TVs:
Delange - Durban, South Africa
Arce - Santiago, Chile
Skrzypczyk - Czestochowa, Poland
Bhaskar - India
Boizas - Risskov, Denmark

2010-02-09 Two lucky took 65 million from Euromillions!

2010-02-09 Two lucky took on 70 million!

2010-02-05 Friday MegaMilions will give 5 plasma TVs 40 "to players. / Lottery millionaires for television will be presumed that they will buy it yourself /:)

2010-01-15 Fallen jackpot of 59,407,370 Euromillions!
Congratulations to the lucky players!

2010-01-08 World sweepstakes lottery and now Bulgarian!

2010-01-01 Benefit from promotion, which means putting into your game to be doubled! / up to 450 euro /.

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