Lotteries are always luring players with tremendous benefits they offer.

In this section of the site will try to tell you about the biggest profits in the history of lotteries Lotteries.


So let's start with Euromillions

The biggest profits won by one player E 126 321 764 euros, on May 08, 2009 (Spain)

Record for the highest jackpot is 183 573 077 euro was struck on 3 February 2006, three players - Portuguese and two Frenchmen - who split up in 61 191 026 euros.


Here, the record for the largest jackpot won by one player and record jackpot fell in one day. Last year and until now unknown player took 210 million euros.


Continue with the American lottery MegaMillions

On February 22, 2008 a married couple from Virginia won a record 270 million dollars.

Throughout the centuries, many similar cases:

On 30 January this year, an unknown player won 144 million dollars

On December 23, 2009 an unknown player from the town of Rocky Point winning 162 million.

On October 17, 2009 re unknown player from Virginia won 200 million.



PowerBall Lottery

Equally attractive as th MegaMilioni / megamillions /, this lottery sweepstakes offers its customers great prizes. Just one example and stop:




365 million dollars ... ... ... .. no comment

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